Independent Media Outlets Condemn Reintroduced Foreign Agents Bill

On April 3, Georgian independent online media outlets issued a joint statement condemning the reintroduced draft law on foreign agents. The outlets state that the introduced law will destroy independent society and media, silence critical voices and drive Georgia out of the European family.

“The authorities have once again lied to us and reintroduced the Russian law before the upcoming elections, which was dropped a year ago after intense public protests. The main goal of the Russian law is to destroy independent public and media organizations, suppress freedom of speech and establish total control over public opinion. To make the media, which constantly expose the government in corruption, nepotism, poverty, violation of human rights, failure to fulfill promises – disappear,” – reads the statement.

The outlets note that the law will drive Georgia out of the European family and kill Georgia’s Western future. They note that the Russian law in Russia has already destroyed the media and civil society organizations and made Russian society completely vulnerable to the regime. “We will not allow the adoption of the Russian law, we will oppose it to the end; the independent media call on the Georgian Dream to stop attacking freedom,” – concludes the statement.

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