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International Organizations: Violence against women and girls remains a critical problem in Georgia

A joint statement by the United Nations, European Union, OSCE, NATO, and embassies from various countries in Georgia marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls and emphasizes that gender-based violence remains a critical problem in Georgia, despite decisive steps taken by the government and civil society.

To effectively eliminate violence against women and girls, the statement emphasizes the necessity of strengthening and enforcing legislation and policies that safeguard their rights and promote gender equality. The statement highlights the crucial role of raising awareness about these issues and promoting women’s leadership in every aspect of decision-making as key strategies in this effort.

“We especially emphasize the urgent need to take concrete steps in order to eliminate violence against women in politics, which prevents women’s meaningful participation in Georgian democracy. According to the latest data, 54 per cent of female candidates have experienced physical, psychological, economic, or sexual violence and harassment during their election campaigns or political careers.” The statement notes that sexist hate speech is often used against women politicians in social media in Georgia, “including attacks based on their gender identity, appearance, intellectual abilities, and moral criteria”.

The statement highlights the issue of economic violence in Georgia as a hidden but significant form of violence that often forces victims to remain with their abusers. It says challenges remain, such as the need to reduce the gender pay gap, ensure women’s equal access to financial resources, secure inheritance rights, and provide equal employment opportunities. Recognizing and redistributing unpaid and care work is also emphasized.

The statement calls for stakeholders such as political parties, government, civil society organizations, and media to collaborate towards a future where women can participate fully and equally in economic, social, and political life, free from violence and harassment.

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