EU Urges Georgia to Align with Sanctions on Russia Amid Air Travel Ban Lift

At a press briefing held on May 11, Peter Stano, EU Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy discussed the lifting of the air travel ban between Russia and Georgia.

“We took note of the decision by the Russian authorities to lift the air travel ban with Georgia,” Stano said at the briefing. “However, due to the illegal Russian aggression against Ukraine, the EU and a number of other countries sanctioned the Russian aviation, and does not allow flights from, to or over Russia.”

Stano emphasized the EU’s position on sanctions against Russia and urged Georgia to align with the EU and other countries in their sanctions, including in the aviation sector. He said: “The EU encourages Georgia, aspiring to become an EU candidate country, to align with the EU and other countries in their sanctions against Russia also in the aviation sector, and to remain vigilant regarding any possible attempt to circumvent them.”

Regarding safety concerns, Stano warned that Georgia should not allow unsafe Russian aircraft into its territory. He noted that the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) had raised significant safety concerns with Russia and therefore “Georgia should be cautious.”

Stano also pointed out the impact of EU sanctions on the Russian aviation industry, saying that 95% of the Russian airplane fleet is unable to update and upgrade their airplanes, which is essential to maintain the necessary international technical and safety standards. He emphasized the potential safety risk this poses to passengers.

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