TI Georgia: 50% of Political Donations Went to Georgian Dream  

Transparency International Georgia, a local watchdog, released its quarterly newsletter on political donations on February 28, saying that from October 1 to December 31, 2022, all political parties in Georgia received a total of GEL 742,230 in donations, of which GEL 370,000 (50%) went to the ruling party.

The Conservative Movement, an ultra-nationalist and ultra-conservative party, came next with GEL 158,098, followed by Lelo for Georgia with GEL 151,337; European Georgia – GEL 42,255 and European Socialists – GEL 5,100.

Source: Transparency International-Georgia 

Georgian Dream Donors

According to TI Georgia most of Georgian Dream donors during the reporting period were large business groups with close ties to the ruling party. The organizations cited businessmen Giorgi Chkonia and Malkhaz Dumbadze as a clear example, noting that both have consistently stood out since 2016 for donating tens of thousands of GEL to Georgian Dream on the same day before elections. “In 2012, Chkonia and Dumbadze donated GEL 75,000 to the organization (“Georgia is not for sale”) affiliated to the then ruling party.”

TI Georgia clarified that Chkonia and Dumbadze have common business interests. Namely, Giorgi Chkonia is the 100% owner of the company Gza LLC, while Dumbadze is the director of the same company. “This company has won a number of tenders worth more than GEL 222 million and received simplified procurement contracts worth GEL 9.5 million. Nearly half of the tenders, totaling GEL 102 million, were won in the last four months.”

“During the same period, Chkonia’s other companies  (“Chateau Kvirike” and “Batumi Central”) received contracts worth GEL 51,112 through simplified procurement,” TI Georgia said, adding that Chkonia’s companies received funding under various state programs.

During the reporting period, the companies linked to donors of the ruling party won tenders worth GEL 102 million and received contracts worth GEL 51,000 through simplified procurement. “During the reporting period, the State Audit Service did not impose sanctions on any party or donor,” the organization added.

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