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U.S. Embassy: Gvaramia’s Continued Imprisonment ‘Puts at Risk’ Georgia’s European Future

The U.S. Embassy in Georgia responded to the Tbilisi Appeals Courts’ decision today to uphold imprisoned Mtavari Arkhi TV Chief Nika Gvaramia’s sentence by underscoring that at a time when Georgia’s commitment to an impartial judiciary and media pluralism are being “closely reviewed” Gvaramia’s continued imprisonment “puts at risk the clear choice of the people of Georgia – and Georgian leaders’ stated goal – for a more secure, democratic European future.”

With that in mind, the U.S. Embassy reiterated its “deep concern” regarding the Court’s decision while highlighting that numerous international and Georgian human rights defenders have “raised significant questions about this case from the start, including about the timing and charges, as well as the conviction and sentence.”

“Even the perception of selective investigations, prosecutions, and convictions diminishes the public’s confidence in law enforcement, the prosecution, the courts, and the government itself,” the Embassy added.

The U.S. Embassy concluded by reaffirming that it will continue to support media freedom and judicial reforms which are “necessary to build the stable, prosperous democracy the people of Georgia have clearly said they desire.”

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