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Far-Right Leaders Probed Over Anti-LGBT Threats

The Interior Ministry of Georgia has launched an investigation into remarks by Conservative Movement party leaders — a Russia-friendly outfit founded by notorious far-right Alt-Info group — threatening the disruption of the upcoming LGBT+ Pride Week.

The Ministry confirmed with that the probe started under Articles 2391 and 151 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, with the first referring to public incitement to acts of violence, while the second envisages the threat of death, bodily injury, or destruction of property.

Article 2391 carries a possible sentence of a fine or 200-400 hours of community service, while 151 is punishable by 120-180 hours of community service, corrective labor, or imprisonment for up to a year.

Konstantine Morgoshia, the party founder, told government-critical TV Pirveli after being questioned by police today, that “we are interested in the law but we have a higher purpose than any law.”

Asked whether their actions might devolve into violence seen in the July 5, 2021 homophobic assault on journalists, another party leader Zurab Makharadze spoke of possible provocations. “There is never a 100% guarantee that something will not happen.”

Earlier today, the Ministry of Interior said it will take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of closed format events planned by LGBT+ rights group Tbilisi Pride, to maintain the rule of law, and protect the freedom of expression and assembly of each person during the pride week.

The Tbilisi Pride, activist group behind LGBT+ Pride Week organizer today welcomed the pledge of the Ministry after it called on the Georgian authorities yesterday to publically voice guarantees over the safety of planned events.

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