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Unlike Moldova and Ukraine, Georgia Unfit for Instant EU Candidacy, EP Group Leaders Say

Political Group leaders in the European Parliament have strongly appealed to the Heads of State and Government of the EU Member States, that will convene on June 23-24 to decide on the applications of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, in line with Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union and as the start to a merit-based process.

But the appeal fell short of mentioning the same wording for Georgia, opting instead to call on the Member States “to work towards granting the same status to Georgia, fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of the Georgian people.”

There are seven political groups in the European Parliament which MEPs are split into according to political affiliation. These are the ECR: European Conservatives and Reformists, the Group of the European People’s Party (EPP – Christian Democrats), the S&D: Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats; Liberal Renew Europe, Greens/EFA: The Greens/European Free Alliance, ID: Identity and Democracy, and The Left: The Left – GUE/NGL.

The European Union must show courage, resolve, and vision in today’s context of a brutal war of aggression against our European neighbor Ukraine and a deteriorating international environment, the missive noted.

It said the European Union must be a reliable partner and “a credible geopolitical actor” that lives up to its principles and values by showing solidarity with those who stand up for the same ideals.

The statement stressed that Ukrainians wish to live in a “free, democratic, and prosperous country that is a proud and committed member of the European family.”

“We acknowledge that those aspirations are shared by the people of Georgia and Moldova and of the countries of the Western Balkans whose expectations should not continue to be neglected.”

The statement comes as the European Parliament today adopted a resolution on violations of press freedom in Georgia. During the debate of the resolution yesterday in Strasbourg, MEPs delivered scathing remarks directed at the ruling Georgian Dream party for its role in “democratic backsliding” in the country.

The statement, albeit non-binding for the national governments represented in the Council, offers a major blow as the country is expecting a historic decision on its candidacy for the 27-member bloc.

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