Key Issues for Tbilisi Voters in New CRRC Poll

A new survey published today by Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) Georgia found that voters in Tbilisi name unemployment, followed by traffic jams, public transportation and air pollution as their top priorities.

The poll, aimed at promoting evidence-based debate for the second rounds of the 2021 local elections, was fielded from August 10 to September 5, with 2,951 people interviewed. The response rate was 14.1%, and the margin of error – 1.8%. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to examine the data.

CRRC Georgia reported that 24% of the interviewees named unemployment as the top issue, with people of lower wealth, without higher education or jobs being more likely to do so. Men also prioritized the issue, it added.

The report said, meanwhile, traffic was the key priority for 13% of the surveyees, with men, younger people, Georgian Dream supporters and wealthier households more likely to name the issue.

Air pollution was mentioned by 11% of respondents as the leading problem, while 10% named public transportation.

When it comes to housing infrastructure, around 85% of the population was satisfied with gas and electricity infrastructure as well as outdoor lighting. Less than 40% were happy with elevators and parking spaces.

Also, 82% of the surveyed population said is better for the state to decide what to build, where, and how, instead of the construction industry. Only 10% backed the idea that the government should not interfere in the construction sector, the CRRC poll revealed.

The majority of the Tbilisi city residents (74%) agreed that the city should buy back some of the privatized property to provide more recreational spaces for the public. Only 15% opposed the idea and preferred to spend the capital’s budget on other issues.

According to CRRC estimates, among those more likely to support state regulations were the youngest (18-34) and the oldest (55+) age groups, the unemployed, supporters of the ruling Georgian Dream party, and independent voters.

According to the poll, 79% of interviewees considered it more important to have faster public transport and supported the idea of bus lanes, as opposed to 11% of respondents who prioritized private cars. 63% of Tbilisites also supported revamping municipal transportation over constructing roads and parking lots, while 31% supported the latter.

CRRC said data also suggests that 45% of capital city dwellers noted car traffic has become better over the past four years, while 63% said public transportation has improved during the same period.

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