Tbilisi Mayoral Candidates Cast Ballots

Tbilisi mayoral candidates, incumbent Kakha Kaladze of the ruling Georgian Dream party, Nika Melia of the United National Movement, Giorgi Gakharia of For Georgia, among others have cast their ballots in the October 2 local elections.

Incumbent Mayor, running for reelection, Kakha Kaladze votes on October 2. Photo: Georgian Dream press service.

Incumbent Mayor, running for reelection, Kakha Kaladze (Georgian Dream): “I voted for stability, peace, development of the city, prosperity, and that we bring more liveliness to every neighborhood. Only one power can do these, and that is the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia. So I voted for Georgian Dream, so that there is peace and stability in the country. […] I am sure that what we have done over the past four years and what we will do in the next four will become a strong foundation for our team’s victory in Tbilisi.”

UNM mayoral hopeful Nika Melia casts his vote. Photo: Mtavari Arkhi TV screengrab.

Nika Melia (United National Movement, backed by European Georgia, Droa, Girchi – More Freedom): “It is easy to say what I voted for and it is easy to explain what I gave my support to. Whoever does not wish for lawlessness to continue in this country, whoever does not wish for the oligarchy to continue, for the government to rely on crime bosses – people tightly linked with the State Security Service – whoever does not wish the government to rely on injustice, I think will make their decision easily. […] These elections define the potential of Georgia’s development for the next 10-15 years.”

For Georgia’s Tbilisi mayoral candidate Giorgi Gakharia casts his vote. Photo: For Georgia press service.

Ex-PM Giorgi Gakharia (For Georgia): “Today it is clear, especially after the previous months, that we all, Georgian citizens, aredecidingn between the past and the future… These two powers [GD, UNM] besides feeding off each other, have been dragging us toward the past for years. So I am convinced that today every citizen of Georgia will make a reasonable decision, from their heart, for the future. I want to call on every Georgian citizen today to definitely go to the elections. Do not let anyone deceive you that these are merely municipal elections.”  

For People party’s Tbilisi mayoral candidate Anna Dolidze casts her vote. Photo: For People press service.

Anna Dolidze (For People): “I gave my support to what our country needs the most – ending bipolarity and hate, peace and speedy development. Georgia needs changes so that we can take care of work and progress. We, who are fed up with the game that we are watching, must necessarily go to the elections. Together, we will be enough to say a final goodbye to this feeble, good-for-nothing government.” 

Lelo Tbilisi mayoral candidate Ana Bibilashvili. Photo: Lelo press service.

Ana Bibilashvili (Lelo): “I made a decision for the good of the country, so that poverty, hopelessness and confrontation end. The votes of every one of you are important, and we must be active today. The strongest weapon is in our hands – our votes, which we must use today. It is very important for the youth the be active, as this country is their and they must feel calm and safe. I hope that today will pass peacefully, which is guaranteed by the multitude of international observers.”

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