U.S. Undermines Georgian Dream, Russian Foreign Intelligence States

The Foreign Intelligence Service (better known under Russian abbreviation SVR) of Russia claimed: “dissatisfaction is growing in the Washington D.C. with the ruling Georgian Dream party which is diverging from the path of unquestioned fulfillment of the American demands.” SVR added “the White House is irritated that the “Dreamers” are not fully implementing [the US] tasking to follow the path of Euro-Atlantic integration without any hesitation.”

In March 9 press statement, the SVR stated that to “restore [their] order” in Georgia, “the Americans plan to organize systemic work to provide support to the opposition and at the same time to undermine the positions of the “Georgian Dream.”

Noting that “the U.S. is also attracting European partners to support the Georgian opposition,” the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service alleged that “Washington is making it clear to the Georgian authorities that the White House’s further line with respect to Tbilisi will be determined by their [Georgian side’s] readiness to diligently follow the American instructions.”

It also quoted Sergey Naryshkin, Director of SVR as saying that “since the time of Mikhail Saakashvili, the U.S. has become accustomed to hands-on management of the political processes in Georgia, to dictating how the government should function and what line to pursue in relation to the opposition.”

“The example of Georgia clearly shows that the desire of national elites to enlist the patronage of Washington to solve their current issues quickly leads to the loss of their de facto sovereignty and their ability to pursue an independent policy both on the international arena and domestically,” reads the statement.

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