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ISFED Parallel Vote Tabulation Results

Results of the parallel vote tabulation (PVT) for a proportional, party-list vote in the October 31 parliamentary elections, conducted by the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), the largest election watchdog in Georgia, largely coincide with the official results based on 3409 precincts from 3847 (88.61%).

The largest gap is in the share of votes received by the ruling Georgian Dream party, where the PVT result is 3 percentage points lower than the CEC result so far.

  • Georgian Dream – 45,8%/ +-0,7% (CEC result at this time: 48,14%)
  • United National Movement – 26,4 /+- 0,6% (CEC result at this time: 26,78%)
  • European Georgia – 3,7%/ +-0,2% (CEC result at this time: 3,79%)
  • Lelo for Georgia – 3,1%/+-0,2% (CEC result at this time: 3,22%)
  • Alliance of Patriots – 3,1%/ +-0,1% (CEC result at this time: 3,2%)
  • Strategy Agmashenebeli – 3%/+-0,1% (CEC result at this time: 3,15%)
  • Girchi – 2,8%/+-0,2% (CEC result at this time: 3,00%)
  • Elisashvili – the Citizens – 1,3%/+-0,1% (CEC result at this time: 1,36%)
  • Labor Party – 1%/+- 0,1% (CEC result at this time: 1%)
  • United Georgia – Democratic Movement – 0,9%/ +-0,1% (CEC result at this time: 0,85%)

The watchdog calculated the turnout at 56,7%/+- 0,6% (CEC: 56.11%).

According to ISFED, at 8% of polling stations, serious violations such as significant discrepancies between the number of ballots and the number of signatures in the voters’ lists in the summary protocols were detected.

The watchdog pointed out that this scale of serious violations occurs for the first time in recent elections and requires particular attention, calling on the CEC to recount the votes in the precincts where such violations have been identified. ISFED noted that the maximal possible effect on the final outcomes of these violations is below 4,1%.

PVT is a statistical method based on representative random sampling, aimed to independently verify the official results. The methodology uses data collected by trained observers from announced results at respective polling stations. ISFED has deployed over 1000 observers on election day nationwide.

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