Opposition Leaders Cast Ballots

Today, Georgian citizens are electing the tenth convocation of their parliament for a four-year term. After casting ballots, opposition leaders commented on their prospects and the significance of the elections:

Elene Khoshtaria at the polling station. Photo: Eana Korbezashvili/

Elene Khoshtaria, MP from European Georgia and joint opposition majoritarian candidate for Vake district, Tbilisi:

“Everybody needs to well understand that citizens and their turnout will define how our country will proceed. We have a very big chance of real changes, changes that will be felt by all citizens; but [before] we all have to take part in this; this is why I call on everybody to get out and vote.”

Nika Melia, member of the United National Movement and joint opposition majoritarian candidate in Gldani District, Tbilisi:

“It is impossible that such a high turnout from 07:30 in the morning is not guided by a thirst to have a chance for a normal life in this country. The rigid Georgian nation will firmly defeat the oligarch [Bidzina Ivanishvili] today. Starting today, tomorrow, the scene in this country will belong to the talents of Georgian people rather than to some desires of a single person.”

Vashadze with his family on the polling day. Photo: Facebook/Giorgi Vashadze / გიორგი ვაშაძე

Giorgi Vashadze, leader of Strategy Agmashenebeli, majoritarian candidate in Isani district, Tbilisi:

“I voted for the future of Georgia, for prosperity and, of course, for lots of changes. We have to win together. Today must be a turning point in Georgia’s development. Today, the key to Georgia’s future is in your hands, this is not an ordinary day, but one that defines the decades to come, how the country will prosper, how forward we will go.”

Aleko Elisashvili standing in line to vote. Photo: Facebook/ ალექსანდრე ელისაშვილი / Alexander Elisashvili

Alexander (Aleko) Elisashvili, leader of the Citizens party and majoritarian candidate in Saburtalo district, Tbilisi:

“I voted for a better future… I hope and know for sure that I will fight for better Saburtalo and better Georgia. We will have a hard day today and we will have to fight, but ultimately, we will bring change and make a step for a better Georgia tonight.”

Badri Japaridze. Photo: Guram Muradov,

Badri Japaridze, leader Lelo for Georgia party and its majoritarian candidate for Saburtalo district, Tbilisi:

October 31 election is “a crucial vote to stop the downfall of the country and to start building a strong state.”


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