Victorious Georgia Party’s List of MP Candidates

Victorious Georgia party, led by Irakli Okruashvili, former Defense Minister and currently a joint opposition majoritarian candidate in Tbilisi’s Saburtalo district, presented its party list to the Central Election Commission (CEC) for the October 31 parliamentary elections. Okruashvili tops the list, followed by Guram Chalagashvili and Koba Makharadze.

Below is the list of top 20 MP candidates from the Victorious Georgia party running in the October 31 parliamentary elections under the party-list, proportional system:

  1. Irakli Okruashvili;
  2. Guram Chalagashvili;
  3. Koba Makharadze;
  4. Mariam Menabde;
  5. Mikheil Kachkachishvili;
  6. Iza Surmanidze;
  7. Giorgi Tughushi;
  8. Ramaz Esiava;
  9. Nino Mgaloblishvili;
  10. Otar Shainidze;
  11. Zurab Nadiradze;
  12. Tamar Khidasheli;
  13. Mikheil Chagunava;
  14. Koba Koshadze;
  15. Marine Kutkhashvili;
  16. Petre Makasarashvili;
  17. Omar Metreveli;
  18. Nana Parulava;
  19. Inga Mazmishvili;
  20. Ruslani Abazovi.

The tenth convocation of the Georgian Parliament, according to recently passed changes, will consist of 120 proportional and 30 majoritarian seats (change from 77/73 ratio), while the election threshold will be fixed at 1% of votes. A party that receives less than 40% of votes will be barred from establishing a single-party government.

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