Georgian Reconciliation Ministry on Inmate’s Death in Tskhinvali

The State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality of Georgia, a body charged with overseeing Moscow-occupied regions, said in response to the death of young inmate Inal Jabiev in Tskhinvali custody that it is “deeply concerned with an extremely grave humanitarian situation, including violation of the right to life, grave violations of fundamental rights and recent alarming developments in Tskhinvali region.”

The Ministry said in a statement of August 29 that “such criminal activities claimed the life of a young man, Inal Jabiev on August 28, which shows that due to years-long occupation and impunity of the regime in the number of tragic cases, safety and rights situation of local residents are becoming increasingly difficult.”

It noted that the Georgian Government is using all levers at its disposal to allow the safe and dignified life of the residents of the Kremlin-backed region.

The Ministry called on “international partners to increase pressure on the occupation regime to put an end to violations of the human rights on the occupied territories.”

The protests over the death of Inal Jabiev, charged with the attempt on the life of the region’s interior minister Igor Naniev, shook Tskhinvali on August 28. The photos of the deceased that emerged in social media show the young prisoner was likely tortured to death.

Anatoly Bibilov, the leader of the occupied region, dismissed his government in response to protests and promised to hold perpetrators accountable.

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