U.S. State Department Welcomes Passage of Constitutional Changes in Georgia

The U.S. applauds Georgia’s historic adoption of constitutional amendments that establish a more proportional electoral system, Morgan Ortagus, State Department’s Spokesperson stated on June 29.

Ortagus said the constitutional changes “will help promote greater stability and parliamentary pluralism in Georgia’s October parliamentary elections.”

The State Department further urged the Georgian parliament to “pass election reform that fully incorporates OSCE/ODIHR recommendations,” and called on the Georgian authorities to “effectively implement such legislation.”

Holding a free, fair, and transparent electoral process will be “a key test for Georgia’s democratic evolution,” reads the statement.

The State Department, in a similar vein, underlined the importance of “fairness of the pre-election and post-election periods.”

The Georgian parliament has approved constitutional amendments in a final round of voting today, introducing an electoral system agreed upon by the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition. 

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