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Georgian Security Service to Probe Incitement of Ethnic Strife

The State Security Service, Georgia’s domestic intelligence agency, has launched a probe into the alleged racial discrimination by “certain groups and individuals,” trying to “stir up strife” between ethnic Georgians and Azerbaijanis in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions. 

According to the statement of May 30, the State Security Service announced that the said groups and individuals, interfering into the competence of national authorities, have been using pseudo-patriotic issues to instigate “ethnic hostility” and endanger the “peaceful cohabitation” of the two ethnicities. 

The statement also reads that in their public statements and ideology the group attempts to portray the situation in such a way as if ethnic Georgian citizens have priority compared to other ethnicities, that, according to the domestic intelligence agency “increases the risks of triggering inter-ethnic conflict.”

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