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Georgia’s Foreign Trade in January 2020

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in the first month of 2020 increased by 5.7%, compared to the same period last year, reaching USD 882.5 million, according to the preliminary figures released by the National Statistics Office, Geostat, on February 19.

Exports from Georgia increased by 10% year-on-year to USD 262.6 million, and imports were up by 4% y/y to USD 619.8 million in January, with trade gap standing at USD 357.2 million.

Turkey remains Georgia’s largest trading partner with USD 117.1 million in 2020, followed by China, Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine with USD 109.4 million, USD 106 million, USD 102.7 million and USD 42.4 million, respectively.

China tops the list of largest trading partners by exports with USD 44.4 million, followed by Azerbaijan, Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey with USD 44. million, USD 33.4 million, USD 24.1 million and USD 19.9 million, respectively.

Turkey, Russia, China, Azerbaijan and the United States are the top trading partners of Georgia in terms of imports with USD 97.2 million, USD 72.6 million, USD 65 million, USD 58.8 million and USD 34.2 million, respectively.

Re-export of cars is on top of the list of export commodities with USD 51.8 million, followed by copper ores and concentrates with – USD 49.4 million; precious ores and concentrates – USD 16 million; ferroalloys – USD 15.4 million; wine – USD 14.8 million; nitrogen fertilizers – USD 11.7 million; spirits – USD 8.1 million; gold – USD 7.9 million; mineral waters – USD 7.4 million; fruit – USD 3.3 million; other commodities – USD 76.8 million.

Petroleum gases are on top of the list of import commodities in Georgia’s foreign trade with USD 56.8 million, followed by petroleum and petroleum oils – USD 51.6 million; cars – USD 50 million; copper ores and concentrates – USD 23.6 million; mobile phones – USD 18.8 million; medicines – USD 14.6 million; electricity – USD 10.9 million; wheat – USD 7.8 million; other commodities – USD 372.3 million.

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