President Salome Zurabishvili’s New Year Address

President Salome Zurabishvili addressed the nation from the presidential palace on Atoneli street.

Below is the official translation of Zurabishvili’s New Year message as provided by her office:

“Dear Compatriots,

Let me congratulate you on the New Year! I wish happiness, success, and peace to your families and to the country!

2019’s end was showcased with our unification, and the results of this unification!

The case of Vazha Gaprindashvili gives us the right to think that despite everything, despite tensions or the polarization that suppresses us, we have managed to be united by a common purpose. This is a situation that we should think about this New Year and we should believe that when we are unified, we can deal with anything.

We lacked peace in 2019. Tensed circumstances have impacted each one of us. Yet, this year ends with hope and joy!

We have also been united by little Anita. This unification brings a positive charge to our consciousness. Several forces – both in and out of the country – were trying, and will probably try again, to spread doubt on our dignity, our courage, and our overall opportunities.

But depression of the nation will only make our enemies happy.

We can clear up the black clouds of hate and direct all of our energy to the country’s rebuilding.

The world has too many fluctuations today. Our region faces great challenges. A stable, peaceful, and strong Georgia is what we all need, even for those who think that our weakening and division, or the occupation of part of our territory will make it easier to achieve their goal.

I wish 2020 to be the year of our unification and solidarity. Let’s refrain ourselves from using speeches of hate and humiliation as much as possible. That negative energy has already returned to us well enough.

I wish 2020 to be a year when people are not kidnapped, when checkpoints are opened, and when the free movement of our citizens is not hindered across Georgia’s entire territory, before the country’s full integration.
“The New Year is coming and we have the foundation to courageously meet it.

Our athletes have won more than a thousand medals at European and world championships in 2019. I am sure that great success awaits us at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Georgian youth, students, scholars, and artists represent our nation’s unique cultural and scientific potential. The entire world is amazed by our small nation’s creative energy. We should be able to understand the power and value of this national energy at its full extent here, in Georgia.

We have faith in Georgia’s defense forces, in our soldiers who strengthen the country with their devotion and professionalism, and who make us prominent abroad with similar devotion and professionalism!

I want to congratulate the New Year to everyone – our compatriots living in Georgia and abroad, our emigrants who spread the name of Georgia far from their homeland!

For a final word, I would like to congratulate the New Year especially to Dr. Gaprindashvili, who is back to his family, and wish good health to little Anita and Tsotne Gamsakhurdia!

I wish you life in a unified and integrated Georgia!

Happy New Year! I wish you all peace, serenity, happiness, and a successful, joyful year!”

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