Mamuka Khazaradze Presents 12 Members of his New Public Movement

Mamuka Khazaradze, founder of TBC Bank and Anaklia Development Consortium, who recently launched a new public movement “Lelo,” presented its first 12 members on September 19.

Ana Natsvlishvili, who serves as a speaker at “Lelo” movement, said during the presentation that 12 people of various professions and experiences have been selected with a common goal –  to build the country based on “recognition and protection of human values.”

Speaking at the presentation, Mamuka Khazaradze said that this process will become regular and the public will be continuously informed of the new members. He also stressed that the public movement is not the same as the political party, which Khazaradze plans to establish later.

“Leaders of our political party will be elected through primaries. It means that together with our population, we will elect those leaders, who will help the country move from defeat to victory,” Khazaradze said.

The following 12 persons have joined the newly established movement:

  • Lana Galdava – lawyer, International Relations specialist
  • Levan Bodzashvili – security expert, as well as expert in constitutional issues, former Security Council secretary
  • Teona Dolenjashvili – writer, civil rights activist, journalist, film director
  • Kakha Kozhoridze – lawyer, former head of Georgian Young Lawyers Association, President’s former adviser on human rights and justice issues
  • Medea Metreveli – philologist
  • Gia Gugushvili – painter, Rector of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts
  • Saba Buadze – lawyer, researcher in corruption and public administration
  • Gigla Mikautadze – economist
  • Elene Melikishvili – International Relations specialist
  • Keti Enukidze – philologist, founder of NGO “Stop Corruption”   
  • Gia Mordekhashvili – businessman
  • Davit Gelashvili – economist


Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze, founders of TBC Bank and Anaklia Development Consortium, held a presentation of a new public movement “Lelo” in Georgia’s coastal town of Anaklia on September 12, naming teamwork, achieving goals, love, unity and victory of Georgia as their key priorities.

The two are facing criminal investigation over money-laundering allegations involving a USD 17 million transaction that took place in 2008. However, they both deny the charges, claiming the legality of the transaction was inspected multiple times by the local and international fiscal authorities and no “red flags” were raised. 

Mamuka Khazaradze announced his plans to set up a new public movement in July, following the violent dispersal of the June 20-21 protests by riot police, aimed at “uniting the country and maintaining its independence and freedom.”

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