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Prosecutors Summon Interior Minister for Questioning

Georgian Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia has been summoned by the Prosecutor’s Office for questioning as part of ongoing investigation into the June 20-21 developments outside the Parliament building in Tbilisi.

The Interior Minister told reporters after leaving the Prosecutor’s Office that “there were a lot of questions” and that he answered all of them. Gakharia also noted that he would appear in the Prosecutor’s Office as many times as he is summoned.

Gakharia reiterated that the Interior Ministry and police managed to avert civil confrontation in the country. “This is our greatest achievement,” he said.

Speaking about the investigation into group violence and participation in it, Gakharia noted that “the investigation should identify all those organizers who turned a peaceful rally into violent one that followed an organized, violent, systemic storm on the Parliament, and to repel this storm, police officers were forced to use special weapons.”

Gakharia also said that all police officers will be held accountable once the Prosecutor’s Office finds out wrongdoings in their actions. “But until the prosecution and court make relevant decisions, these police officers continue performing their duties,” he added.

Investigation into the fact of exceeding official powers by law enforcement officers during the June 20-21 protest rally was launched on June 24.

Two police officers have been arrested on charges of exceeding official powers during the dispersal of the anti-occupation rally outside the Parliament building.

Peaceful protesters gathered in front of the Parliament of Georgia for the 28th day today again demanding Interior Minister’s  resignation for the police dispersal of the June 20-21 rally.

Minister Gakharia told reporters less than a month ago that he is ready to resign only after the investigation into use of excessive force by police and attacks on state institutions comes to an end.

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