CSOs Call on Government to Immediately Respond to “Vigorous Attack” of Pro-Russian Forces

A group of 15 local civil society organizations, including Transparency International Georgia, Open Society Georgia Foundation and UN Association of Georgia, released a statement on June 20, in response to “the particular intensification in the recent period of the hybrid warfare waged by Russia against Georgia” and called on the government to immediately respond to it.

The statement released on behalf of the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia, following the presence of the Russian State Duma lawmaker in the Georgian Parliament, reads that given the occupation of Georgia’s territories, “inviting the Russian MPs who do not recognize Georgia’s territorial integrity and have made open statements in support of the occupation to Georgia is an act directed against our national interests and a crude violation of Georgia’s laws.”

The CSOs believe that for years, the state has not been responding appropriately to the threats coming from Russia. “It has often even endorsed pro-Russian and radical sentiments, and the events that have been recently unfolding around the issue of David Gareji and holding Tbilisi Pride have confirmed this,” reads the statement.

“Pro-Russian forces vigorously attack and threaten the interests of the state. The government is fully responsible for the processes unfolding in the country. This is why we call on the government to respond without delay in order to fulfil its constitutional duties and act against the anti-state actions,” the CSOs noted.

“If the state fails to act immediately, an irreparable damage will be done to the country’s interests, both within the state and internationally,” the group added.

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