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CEC: Voter Turnout 47.31% at 5pm

1,662,453 voters, accounting for 47.31% of total number of voters, cast ballot in the Presidential runoff by 5pm, nine hours after the polling stations were opened, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

In the first round of Presidential election on October 28, 5pm voter turnout stood at 38.16%. The final turnout in the first round was 46.83%.

In regions, the highest voter turnout was reported in Keda with 58%, while the lowest voter turnout was reported in Tsalka – 37%.

The highest voter turnout in Tbilisi was reported in Vake with 52%, followed by Didube 51%. The lowest voter turnout was reported in Isani – 41.5%.

There are 3,528,658 voters eligible to cast ballot in the Presidential runoff, served by a total of 3,703 polling stations in Georgia and abroad.

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