President’s Briefing. Monday, September 24.

Russia Does Not Have Reasons to Bomb Georgia

Big part of President’s briefing has been dedicated to the relations between Georgia and Russia on the background of terrorist attack on the US. Shevardnadze once again has declared that Georgia is ready to assist the United States, however he also mentioned that the US is not addressing Georgia with requests of assistance, because Georgia’s military bases and infrastructure does not match world standards.

Concerning anti-Georgian informational war, launched in Russia and fears of possible bombng of Pankisi valley, President stated that Russia does not have any reason or ground to launch anti-terrorist operation on Georgian territory. If Moscow decides to annexe Georgia, the International Law would protect us, said Shevardnadze.

In this regard Shevardnadze gives a special importance to his visit to the United States on October 5th. Implementation of this visit is under the question due to recent terrorist attacks. However, as President has stated, there were no changes in his schedule so far.

Shevardnadze Demands Transparency of Financing of the Mass Media and NGOs

President made his comments regarding the rumours that many grant aids, meant for the social development of the country are being used to finance informational war against Shevardnadze and the Government. All aids that NGOs receive from foreign countries must be transparent. Beneficiaries of these grants are not only the organizations, but also the whole country, which is on the way of democratisation, said Shevardnadze. President stated that he would definitely discuss the issue of transparency of the grant aids during his visit to the United States.

President Tries to Maintain Parliamentary Majority

President hopes that he would maintain the majority in the Parliament. Zurab Zhvania, Niko Lekishvili and a big group of parliamentarians believe that the Majority must be maintained and this Majority should be supporting President, said Shevardnadze.

Shevardnadze did not clarify, which majorette candidate from Vake district does he support. Several weeks earlier he has stated that it would be good for the Parliament to have Irina Sarishvili-Chanturia in its members. Main competitor to Sarishvili will be former minister of Justice Mikheil Saakashvili.

Shevardnadze Dismisses Secretary of the Justice Council

During the briefing President confirmed that he has satisfied request of Gia Katamadze, Secretary of the Justice Council, for resignation. Shevardnadze suggested Katamadze to leave his post after criticizing the Council’s activities during the Meeting of the Government of September 22nd. Function of the Council is to monitor the situation in the court system.

Gia Katamadze has been a member of “Saakashvili’s team”. Therefore, after Saakashvili’s retirement from the Government, resignation of his supporter is rather natural. 


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