No Definitive Information on Al-Qaida Fighters’ Presence in Abkhazia – Boucher Says

(Tbilisi, March 12, Civil Georgia) – “We have no definitive information on the presence of Al-Qaida operatives in that region of Abkhazia,” US Department of State Spokesman Richard Boucher stated at the news briefing on March 11.

Richard Boucher said that the US is not concerned that the Georgians might be hijacking war on terrorism for their own purposes.

“No. We work closely with Georgia. We work together with Georgia,” US Department of State Spokesman announced.

Georgian State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania stated earlier in March that terrorist groups are hiding in breakaway region of Abkhazia. He did not rule out that Al-Qaida fighters also might be there.

Tamaz Nadareishvili Head of the Tbilisi-based Abkhazian government in exile claims that some 40 Al-Qaida terrorists are harboring in unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia at the moment.   

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