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UNM Loses Tbilisi City Council Chairmanship

Zaal Samadashvili, UNM member and chairman of the Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo), was voted out on July 26, less than a month after UNM lost majority in the capital city’s Sakrebulo.

UNM councillors did not participate in the July 26 session of the Sakrebulo.

Although UNM lost majority in Sakrebulo after 16 of its members quit the party since last year’s parliamentary elections, no political group within Sakrebulo, neither those affiliated with the Georgian Dream, holds the majority in the city council right now.

Later on the same day when Samadashvili was voted out, a former UNM member, Irakli Shikhiashvili, was elected by most of the non-UNM members of Sakrebulo as a new chairman of the Tbilisi City Council.

One of the GD councillors Guliko Zumbadze, who is a member of the Republican Party, refused to support Shikhiashvili – position not shared by other 24 councillors, who now form the new majority in the Sakrebulo.

Also on July 26 new chairperson of Sakrebulo’s 13 commissions were elected – posts previously held by UNM members, who were voted out on July 19.

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