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Appeal of the Georgian opposition parties to NATO Member States

4 October, 2007

We the undersigned, expressing the will of the majority of the Georgian population and supporting Georgia’s accession to NATO as well as its European integration, express our grave concern with the results of incompetent and irrational policy implemented by President Saakashvili and his government.

The dissatisfaction of the population which has been deprived of its dignity and rights, has reached its extreme limits. Inadequate attitude of the authorities towards the most acute problems, aggravates the situation and creates new threats for the country. One of such threats appears to be a hold-up in Georgia’s NATO integration which is damaging for the vital interest of the Georgian state. 

We believe that in the current circumstances, the only solution will be to hold free and fair parliamentary elections in the spring of 2008, as it was stipulated in the Georgian Constitution before November 2006, when Saakashvili’s team committed yet another constitutional violence. Such a solution would bring the political process back into the constitutional framework and prevent having a parliament which, from April 2008, would become an usurper; also, it would create conditions for transforming the sharp political confrontation into a civilized electoral competition; it would convince NATO Member States that the Georgian people have a democratic potential compatible with the European standard and the political forces that are capable of leading a stable and democratic state.

We also estimate, that President Saakashvili’s irrational policy is largely determined by undue superficiality and forgiveness on the part of some representatives of NATO Member States’ governments and international organizations.  In spite of this, we believe that the governments of NATO Member States, at least at this critical moment, will give due consideration to the situation in Georgia and beyond and take the right decisions. 

The Georgian society confirms its adherence to democratic values and European choice. Therefore, it should not be punished for the sake of several individuals, being among the authorities, and their irresponsible protectors, and the country’s European integration should not be hindered.

Leaders of the oppositional parties:

Shalva Natelashvili,
Labour Party of Georgia
David Usupashvili,
Republican Party

Kakha Shartava,
The National Forum

Zviad Dzidziguri,
Conservative Party of Georgia

Salome Zurabishvili,
The Way Of Georgia

Constantine Gamsakhurdia,
Freedom Party

Koka Guntsadze,
Movement for the United Georgia

Paata Davitaia,
Political Union “On Our Own” (“Chven tviton”)

Koba Davitashvili,
Party of People

Jondi Baghaturia
The Georgian Troupe (Kartuli Dasi)


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