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European Experts Conclude Probe into Missile Incident

A report into the August 6 missile incident by a group of European experts has been handed over to the Georgian Foreign Ministry, the Foreign Ministry said on August 21.

British, Estonian and Polish experts had been investigating the circumstances surrounding the missile incident since August 18.

The issue was discussed during a meeting between Georgian Foreign Ministry Gela Bezhuashvili and the British ambassador in Tbilisi, Denis Keefe, on August 21.

This is the second international investigatory group composed of experts from western countries. The International Group of Experts (IGE), consisting of eight members from Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and the United States, worked in Georgia on August 12-14 and concluded that an unidentified aircraft had entered Georgian airspace from Russia, had dropped a Kh-58 anti-radar guided missile and had flown back to Russia.

A separate probe into the incident was carried out by a group of Russian military experts on August 16-17. It said that there was no evidence to back the Georgian claims or the IGE conclusions. The Russian experts suggested the incident had been staged.

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