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Security Council Stalls Georgia’s Request on Missile Debate

The UN Security Council said it needed more information before it would act on a Georgian request for an emergency debate on the recent missile strike, Reuters reported on August 9.

“In the absence of any information, the Council members considered we should await the results of any inquiry, in particular the one by the OSCE… before taking any decision,” Reuters quoted Council President Pascal Gayama of the Congo Republic. “As president of the council, I remain in contact with all the members of the council to get their views on the question.”

Speaking earlier with journalists in New York, Irakli Chikovani, the deputy representative of Georgia to the UN, said the Security Council should be “resolute in condemning the attack on the territory of a sovereign country.”

To ensure legitimacy and international backing, Tbilisi has also requested that the investigation into the incident be under the aegis of the UN.

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