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Moscow Protests U.S. Refusal to Grant Visa to Abkhaz Official

The Russian Foreign Ministry has protested the U.S. Embassy?s refusal to grant an entry visa to Abkhaz Foreign Minister Sergey Shamba, who had wanted to participate in informal meetings on the eve of the UN Security Council session in New York on April 10.

?By depriving the Abkhaz side of such an opportunity, the United States actually tries to put the conflicting sides under unequal conditions, thus influencing the course of negotiations. Such a position does not promote the formation of a balanced approach towards agreement on a new resolution [on Abkhazia],? the Russian Foreign Ministry said on April 10.

On April 10 the UN Security Council is scheduled to discuss a new resolution on Abkhazia. Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli, who is currently visiting New York, is due to deliver a speech at the UN Security Council session.

?As far as we know, a video message from Sergey Shamba addressed towards the UN Security Council will be disseminated in New York on April 10, in which he will express regret that the Security Council did not think it expedient to listen to both sides of the conflict? Shamba also accuses the Georgian side of leading the negotiating process to a standstill through its actions in the Kodori Gorge and unwillingness to settle the key issues of settlement,? the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also noted that Washington plans to allow the Abkhaz side to express its position in New York only after the resolution is adopted.

?However, it is obvious that any meeting after the adopting of a resolution will have no sense,? the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

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