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Russian Spies Looking Like Arabs in Pankisi Gorge, Georgia

The Resonance; The Alia

(Georgian Media Digest. 28.11.01. Civil Georgia) – Georgian airspace was violated again late in the evening yesterday. Unpopulated territory was bombed in Pankisi gorge. Kodori gorge was continually bombed several weeks ago. Georgian press considers that Russia was the attacker. 

The Resonance directly states that it was Russian warplanes having bombed Pankisi. It considers that the action was a form of warning. “Much was said in the Russian press last week that Russia needs to take care of the Chechen camps in Pankisi gorge, Georgia”, the paper reports and goes on to say: “it seems Russia is not concerned that it is violating boarders of a sovereign country”.

Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze is meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on November 30. The Resonance presumes that a third force might be accused of bombing Pankisi gorge at the meeting. The paper is embarrassed about why Georgia is unable to have settled relationship with Russia. The Alia considers that the fact of bombing was an attempt to negatively influence the negotiations and also meant to declare war.

Population in Pankisi expresses its concern while talking to the paper. It partially blames Georgian government in the incident and says has no faith in it. The paper talks about insufficient functioning of governmental structures and says that they are less informed about the situation in the gorge. “Georgian dispatcher department has not information about foreign jets and warplanes having violated Georgian airspace”. Neither the State Security Council has met nor the government has spoken about counter actions because of created circumstances yet, the paper says.

“Russia may claim that they bombed the territory because of Chechen “boevics” being there but this is a lie. We’ve always said that Russia would provoke such conditions that would back up its entrance in the territory.

People in Pankisi have been expecting provocation and attacks from the Russian side all the time and get ready to defend itself. According to the Alia, Russian spies and provokers were found in Pankisi gorge some time ago. People dressed in Arab and speaking Arabian fluently were arrested but they turned out to be Russians. The Ministry of State Security of Georgia admits such occasions, the paper says. 


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