New Faces in New Government

Who Are the Candidates Nominated By President?

Levan Dzneladze
Former Minister of Tax Revenues. Nominated to the post of the State Minister

Former Minister of Tax Revenues is not associated with any of political groups. He has normal relations with both reformer and conservative wings.

He is not regarded as a person with serious political ambitions; therefore political circles presume that Dzneladze would not make a powerful state minister.

Levan Dzenladze’s father David Dzneladze, famous economist, has good relations with president Shevardnadze. This fact has been playing important role in Levan Dzneladze’s career.

Roland Giligashvili
Nominated to the post of the Justice Minister.

Giligashvili’s appointment to this post would mean his return to the structure. He has already been the Minister of Justice before November 1 when the President fired cabinet as the result of the mass protests.

He has been appointed as Justice Minister after Mikheil Saakashvili’s scandalous resignation, but held this position less then a month. He had dismissed personnel hired by Saakashvili and invited employees from the Interior Ministry.

Giligashvili is being associated with the team of former Interior Minister Kakha Targamadze and has close personal relations with him. This fact would hinder improvement of Giligashvili’s candidature in the Parliament.

“Citizens Union” faction which consists of reformer parliamentarian would probably vote against Giligashvili.

Koba Narchemashvili
Nominated to the post of the Interior Minister

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Koba Narchemashvili appeared on the political arena in 2000, when President Shevardnadze appointed him as a Head of Customs Department. Mikheil Machavariani, Minister of Tax Revenues that time has been opposing Narchemashvili’s candidature.

Ascendancy of his career is connected with investigation of attempt on Shevardnadze’s life in 1995. He was a prosecutor of Nika Kvezereli, one of the suspects of this terrorist act.

Narchemashvili is not associated with Targamadze’s team (unlike other deputy ministers). This might have positive influence on his approval in the Parliament. However, he is a close person to Shevardnadze’s family (President’s spouse is Narchemashvili’s godmother).

Valeri Khaburdzania
Nominated to the post of State Security Minister

Parliamentary Secretary of the President Valeri Khaburdzania is not an active political figure. He has acquired good knowledge of the structure of the Parliament during his work, as Parliamentary Secretary and the parliamentarians know him very well.

His appointment to the post of Security Minister probably would not be connected with any difficulties. MP’s are favoring him and evaluate positively his recent activities at the State Security Ministry where he worked not long ago.

Khaburdzania is criticizing actions of the Security Ministry taken against Rustavi 2 TV Company, which have resulted in dismissal of the whole government.

Khaburdzania is urging necessity of reforms in this ministry. He supports eliminating of any political function of the Ministry and wants to form it as a special service agency in classical meaning. He states that the Security should be a service and not a ministry.

Unlike the previous Security Minister, Khaburdzania generally is very frank with journalists and even likes to make the jokes. He often quotes constitution of the United States, Declaration of Liberty of the United States, various European institutions and makes emphasize on democratization.


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