Shevardnadze Accuses Russia of Bombing Marukhi Pass, Georgia

Russia is responsible for bombardment of Marukhi pass, territory controlled by the Georgian government in breakaway unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia, on October 28, President Shevardnadze stated at the briefing today.

“Russia can never be approved because of bombing Marukhi pass. The action of bombing means that the statements of Russian President Putin concerning the importance of Georgian-Russian relation is opposite of what Russia does in reality”, the President announced.

President Shevardnadze stated that 6 helicopters MI – 24 and 4 jets SU-25 “Frogfoot” entered Georgian airspace from Russia and bombed Marukhi pass.

According to the one of the main versions, Russia bombs Marukhi because Chechen fighters are harbored in the pass. Eduard Shevardnadze made no comments about the version.

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