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Partisan Movement Hits a New Phase

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba

Partisan movement became less active on the territory of Abkhazian. According to the Resonance, it hits a new phase. Partisans stopped explosions and started to take Abkhazians in hostage. The paper writes that Abkhazians have taken 15 peaceful inhabitants of Gali region, children and women among them. Abkhazians keep 6 partisans and 7 corps of partisans in hostage also. Georgians have some hostages as well. Head of the Supreme Council of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic Tamaz Nadareishvili confirms the information. On the other hand, leader of the partisan movement “Forest Brothers” denies the fact.

“Partisans become active for a while and then withdraw – this is their tactic”, Nadareishvili says. In case the conflict is not regulated the movement will become more active, he presumes.

Talks about hostage exchange have not started yet. Official Tbilisi claims partisans are to take care of it. “Nothing has been known about Georgian border guards lost after the bombardment of Kodori valley till now. The Defense Ministry says nothing about the present occurrences in Abkhazia”, the Resonance reports. 

The Dilis Gazeti interviewed Vakhtang Kholbaia, deputy parliamentary chairman and head of the temporary commission on the Abkhazian problems. He says people displaced from Abkhazia express their protest against the government, which can do nothing in order to settle the Abkhazian problem. Partisan movement is one mark of the protest.

Vakhtang Kholbaia speaks about new relations between Georgia and Russia. He considers that Georgia may change its policy towards Russia. President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze and President of Russia Vladimir Putin intend to meet soon. The meeting will be a step foreword to solving particular issues, problem of Abkhazia among them, he says.

Leader of National Power Union Zviad Dzidziguri is of an opposite opinion. “Georgian government cannot and will not be able to return Abkhazia. It does even want to do so”, Dzidziguri told the Akhali Taoba.



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