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Another Armed Clash in Abkhazia

The armed clash took place near Gulribshi village 50 kilometers away from Sukhumi, Abkhazia between Abkhaz military units and Georgian guerrillas yesterday, Defense Minister of breakaway self-declared Republic of Abkhazia announced today. Special Affairs Minister of Georgia Malkhaz Kakabadze confirmed the information. There are no casualties after fighting, Malkhaz Kakabadze stated.

Today UN special envoy Dieter Boden after the meeting with State Minister of Georgia Gia Arsenishvili expressed his concern regarding the situation in Kodori gorge of Abkhazia – the only territory controlled by the Georgian government. The agreement reached between Abkhaz Prime Minster Anri Jergenia and President Shevardnadze about dismissing unidentified military units in Kodori is not fulfilled, Dieter Boden stated.    

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