The Self-Governance Election is Postponed for a Year

The Central Election Commission (CEC) decided yesterday to delay self-governance elections scheduled on November 4 for a year. CEC said the elections were to be delayed because of financial problems. The commission has not received 4 million Laris ($1,93 million) required to cover the cost of the ballot, and numerous organizational problems have still to be resolved, Chairman of the CEC Jumber Lominadze stated.

The opposition considers that the real reason of the CEC decision is political, not financial. The Citizen’s Union of Georgia has no chance to win the election because of its low rating in the population, representatives of the opposition announced. The majority members of the CEC are the CUG supporters.

Upcoming by-election in the Tbilisi district of Vake will be held as scheduled on Octomber 21.


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