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A New Power Balance in the Parliament

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

“Political earthquake caused by President Shevardnadze leaving the position of the head of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia made the parliamentary majority concerned and worried”. The majority is breaking into separate factions. A new power balance is being established in the Parliament, the Dilis Gazeti reports.

The paper notes that the power, which the majority of electorate voted for in the 1990 parliamentary elections may move to the parliamentary minority. “In such force-major situations pre-term parliamentary elections are held in all civilized countries”, the paper says and goes on to say that MPs in Georgia do not even want to hear about pre-term elections.

The Resonance basically talks about new power divisions in the executive branch. Two more MPs Davit Maghradze and Zaza Dvalishvili left the CUG yesterday. There are 120 MPs left in the majority now while it was uniting 151 members after the elections. “It is thought in the Parliament that these two MPs might join Saakashvili’s faction”, the newspaper says and notes that “Saakashvili’s faction is already being formed”.

According to the Resonance, faction Majorettes is also leaving the majority. It may be divided in two. One part will continue collaboration with Zurab Zhvania and the other will stay with the President.


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