Media Watchdog Calls on Swift Investigation of Attacks against Journalists

A media watchdog Mediaombudsman released information on the recent cases of abuse and attacks on journalists from April 28 to May 1, covering the protests against the “Russian law”. The organization stresses that the special forces have targeted media workers from various outlets, obstructing their work and resorting to violence.

Mediaombudsman said that these attacks included pepper-spraying TV Pirveli journalist Niko Kokaia, obstructing the work of Publika journalists Lika Zakashvili and Mamuka Mgaloblishvili, disrupting the work of TV Pirveli journalists Nanuka Kajaia and Davit Beradze, physically assaulting journalist Robi Zaridze, and targeting CNews Exclusive News journalist Giga Gelkhvidze.

The Mediaombudsman is calling for a swift investigation by the Special Investigation Service to address these incidents and protect the interests of journalists and cameramen.

Throughout 2024, the organization has reported 14 such attacks perpetrated against journalists and cameramen while covering protest rallies against the Foreign Agents law. The organizations says it has processed 21 cases support of media freedom since March 2023, when the bill was first introduced.

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