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President Zurabishvili Addresses Crimea Platform Summit

President Salome Zurabishvili delivered a video address during the Crimea Platform Summit, where she reiterated solidarity and support for Ukraine.

President Zurabishvili acknowledged Ukraine’s 18-month-long resistance against Russian military aggression.

“This war is the continuation of Russia’s unwavering attempts to divide, occupy, conquer, threaten her neighbors, and is in line with the historical modus operandi of imperial powers,” she stated.

President Zurabishvili highlighted Ukraine’s fight for its independence and sovereignty as having broader implications for the stability and security of Europe, saying, “Ukraine is fighting not only for its independence and sovereignty but for entire Europe’s freedom and security.”

She said the ongoing war has once again demonstrated the global importance of the Black Sea region and showed that the stability and security of Europe are unattainable without extending to the entire continent, from Lisbon to Tbilisi.

President stressed: “The de-occupation of all territories is an absolute prerequisite to peace and stability, to ensure that Russia renounces imperial behavior.” She emphasized that this step is “the only stable foundation for a new and sound European security architecture.”

“Confronted with a new wave of pressures, threats, and multifold provocations, tantamount to a hybrid war, our people have demonstrated their clear resolve to solidify our country’s European integration path further and to be faithful to their one and only perspective,” Zurabishvili noted.

She expressed her conviction that Georgia should receive candidate status and join Ukraine and Moldova on a common accelerated path to European integration.

She cautioned, “Russia should not be let to believe that it can counterbalance its losses in Ukraine by face-saving gains elsewhere.”

Addressing President Zelensky, she reiterated her confidence in Ukraine’s resilience, saying, “I want to reiterate my conviction that through the perseverance of your people, Ukraine has already, to a great extent and will fully emerge victorious from this barbaric war, regain its territories, and become a pillar of tomorrow’s secure and prosperous Europe.”

She pledged Georgia’s unwavering support, asserting, “Georgia will be with you then as it is now.”

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