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For Third Day in a Row, Parliament Fails to Reach Quorum

During the April 20 plenary session, for the third day in a row, the ruling party prevented the vote on the creation of the parliamentary investigation commission to look into the allegations of corruption in the judiciary, by not registering for the session. As a result, there was no quorum for the vote to take place.

Only 52 MPs registered, whereas at least 76 MPs are needed for a quorum.

Prior to the registration procedure, the chairman of “Georgian Dream,” Irakli Kobakhidze said that all MPs are obliged to take care of “state sovereignty, the principle of judicial independence” and that the ruling party acts in accordance with these principles. “Of course, we will again respect the principle of judicial independence and we will not be registered today,” he said.  

The opposition came out with the initiative to create the commission last week in response to the recent sanctioning of four judges by the US State Department for their alleged involvement in “significant corruption.”

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