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The Daily Beat: 29 December  

Anti-Western faction “People’s Power” announced plans to table laws to curb foreign financing of CSOs and media in early January 2023. The ruling party spinoff, which votes with the governing majority, models its proposals after Russian “foreign agent” laws but claims to be inspired by the U.S. FARA. In recent months, the ruling party-affiliated media and politicians have been campaigning against civil society groups.

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Justice Minister, Rati Bregadze has briefed EU and US Ambassadors on Mikheil Saakashvili’s state of health and his case to “ensure maximum transparency”. Previously, Minister Bregadze released Saakashvili’s hospital footage and said the inmate is simulating illness and is inflicting self-harm to escape justice.

In the meantime, Tbilisi City Court continued to hear Saakashvili’s plea for release or relocation on health grounds. The toxicology expert testified that Saakashvili suffered heavy metal poisoning, causing dementia and other grave conditions prior to his hospitalization. The court adjourned for the night and will reconvene on 30 December.   

President, Salome Zurabishvili decorated Marita Meparishvili (posthumously) and Devi Mezurnishvili with medals for civil sacrifice. Three teenagers, including 13-year-old Meparishvili, were electrocuted on 13 October after they attempted to retrieve their ball from the city fountain. Marita Meparishvili died helping her friends. The gardener passing by, Devi Mezurnishvili waded into the fountain to rescue the teens.  

Assistant to Abkhazian “defense minister”, Alexander Achba is reportedly in jail after having refused to serve against Ukraine. According to the report by Netgazeti online paper, Ukraine-born Achba was being recruited by Russian intelligence but refused to cooperate. He was subsequently detained on trumped-up charges of illegally possessing a pistol and is also reportedly being investigated on treason charges. The report says while Sokhumi officially supports the Kremlin’s war effort in Ukraine, many Abkhaz have family ties to Ukraine, and some even fight against the aggression.


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