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Georgian Citizen Released from Occupied Tskhinvali

On April 25, Georgia’s State Security Service announced that Georgian citizen Kakhaber Merebashvili, arrested by the Russian occupation forces near Mejvriskhevi village of Tbilisi-controlled Gori Municipality, has been released from the custody of Tskhinvali.

The SSG said the EUMM-managed hotline, as well as “other instruments” of the central government were used in the process to secure the release of Merebashvili.

It was not immediately clear when and in what circumstances Merebashvili was arrested and taken into the custody of occupied Tskhinvali/South Ossetia region.

The State Security Service laid full responsibility on “the occupation regime” over the “destructive actions taken in the occupied regions and across the occupation line.”

Merebashvili is the second Georgian citizen released from the Tskhinvali jail over the week.

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