Court Releases Moris Machalikashvili from Jail in Plea Deal

Moris Machalikashvili was released from courtroom on February 6 after Tbilisi City Court approved a plea bargain deal between him and the prosecution.

Moris Machalikashvili, a cousin of a terror-related case suspect Temirlan Machalikashvili, who was shot dead during a detention operation in December 2017, participated in the rally outside the Parliament building on June 20, 2019. He was detained on July 26 on charges of group violence, attacking police officers and an attempt to storm the Parliament building.

“According to the plea bargaining agreement, Moris Machalikashvili was sentenced to two-year imprisonment, but he will serve a conditional sentence for a term of two years,” the court said in its statement.

Prosecutor Giorgi Mukbaniani said that “the defendant fully pleaded his guilt.” “He did not make the evidence provided by the prosecutor’s office disputable… thus, we deemed it expedient to approve a plea bargain deal with him,” Mukbaniani said after the court hearing.

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