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Opposition Slams Ruling Party’s Stance on Proportional Elections

The remarks made by Kakha Kaladze, the ruling party’s Secretary General on November 25, according to which Georgian Dream has no plans to discuss a new initiative related to amending the electoral system, triggered strong criticism from opposition parties. offers a compilation of assessments by opposition leaders:

Levan Bezhashvili, the United National Movement: “The government no longer controls the situation and fails to meet public requirements; therefore, they are trying to live in unreal world and dictate their conditions from there, but the reality looks absolutely different.”

Giga Bokeria, European Georgia: “They are saying the same as before and nothing changes for us and the society. Strong protests will continue until these shameful leaders and their clowns continue to act this way. This protest may continue longer than desired for the country.”

Eka Beselia, independent lawmaker: “The ruling party fails to understand problems. Their steps are directed towards further deepening of the crisis and enjoying their own power. This will end badly and our protest should be a response to it.”                     

Nino Burjanadze, Democratic Movement – United Georgia: “They openly say that those people who make a deal with them will receive one or two seats in the Parliament. What are you doing? How can you mock at people this way? Young people will not stop. Even if we, political parties, go mad and agree on your deals, young people will not stop.”

Khatuna Samnidze, Republican Party: The today’s statement that majoritarian MPs will not be named in some constituencies proves that the government is afraid of the opposition’s unity most of all. But our unity and protests will continue, our protests will expand.”                                      

Davit Usupashvili, Development Movement: “We know that the governments, who became even more stubborn and refused to change the electoral system, had to quit. So, if the government does not change anything, it will have to resign. Simply, we do not want to turn Georgia into a battlefield, where we will trample down everything – economy, stability.”

Giorgi Gugava, Labor Party: “Kaladze and other swindlers from Georgian Dream will make the statements, which are attractive to them. We have our goals, our plan is unity. There will be blocking, demonstrations; we will fight for our country within the frames of the constitution.”

Badri Japaridze, Movement Lelo: “Georgian Dream is ready to confront its own population to maintain power and foredoom the country for unrests. The today’s statement is an absolutely unserious proposal. It is a threat to slow down the momentum, but it is an absolutely feeble attempt to cause a split; the opposition has a uniform position and protests will not decrease.”                        

Nino Goguadze, Free Democrats: “It was a threat, but I promise them that they will lose power in 2020 and this shameful majoritarian system will no longer exist in Georgia.”

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