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In Quotes: Politicians on Gakharia’s Nomination as Prime Minister

On Tuesday morning, September 3, the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia Chairman Bidzina Ivanishvili named Giorgi Gakharia as the country’s next Prime Minister, replacing Mamuka Bakhtadze, who announced his resignation yesterday. 

Civil Georgia ( offers the compilation of political assessments following Gakharia’s nomination below:

Ruling party

Mamuka Mdinaradze – Head of Georgian Dream faction:

 “Giorgi Gakharia has gained a very positive experience from human rights protection to economic field, where he managed to successfully deal with his obligations… The team made a decision that he would be the best candidate for the premiership… There has been no difference of opinions over this issue at today’s meeting… The United National Movement’s hysteria and campaigns are the reason of that their spontaneous or nonspontaneous “the Gavrilov revolution” failed, which first of all has been the merit of the Interior Ministry.”

Gia Volski – Parliamentary Majority leader:

 “Gakharia and his candidacies as well as the [proposed] changes will have trust and support… How small the number of people, part of society which demands [Gakharia’s] resignation, should be given a competent response and I think this is the main issue that concerns us… Political opposition [UNM], its certain part decided to put an equal mark between its criminal governance and the misery of June 20-21… The developments of June 20 are entirely the responsibility of those who have triggered storming the parliament building.”


Zaal Udumashvili – United National Movement:

 “This is the heaviest decision, which Bidzina Ivanishvili has taken for himself and for the Georgian Dream. Because the Georgian population might endure a lot, including a heavy social-economic background, which is the case for the [last] seven years, but we will never accept being insulted. The Georgian population will never accept Gavrilov [Communist Orthodox MP from Russia] as prime minister… [Georgians will never accept] A person that took blood of innocent youth on Rustaveli Avenue because of Gavrilov. Instead of being dismissed, he was promoted today and is set to become a Prime Minister. This is the direct message to Moscow [by ruling party] and [Georgian Dream] are now waiting for Moscow’s gratitude. Moreover, the [ruling party] gave the message to people that they are not interested for how long people will be standing in the streets, protesting [Gakharia’s resignation]. This is insulting to Georgian people that will give an adequate answer to [the Georgian Dream party]. The answer Ivanishvili will get [from Georgian people] will be tough and rough…”

Davit Bakradze – European Georgia: 

 “First of all, this means that the Georgian Dream party and Bidzina Ivanishvili have announced an open war against the Georgian people. It means that the Georgian Dream is not interested in what the Georgian people think, it also means that we are entering a very harsh period. This is a period when the Georgian Dream’s sharp goal will be to achieve victory in elections through detaining unwanted people, controlling media, dispersing protest rallies deploying the “so called firm hand policy”, not changing people’s lives. Therefore, Gakharia’s nomination is a symbol of sharply opposing to any public opinion as well as a symbol of the policy that the Georgian Dream will have… with repressions against undesired people. Of course, it will be a huge challenge for the Georgian society, Georgian opposition spectrum. And during the next year the government will receive an answer [from Georgian people] and I hope the main response [will be] at elections, [through which Georgians will] send Georgian Dream party home.”

Tamar Kordzaia – Republican Party: 

 “I believed until the very last second that Bidzina Ivanishvili would have enough wisdom not to take that decision. Bidzina Ivanishvili decided to make Salome Zurabishvili a president and he did so, Bidzina Ivanishvili decided to… make Giorgi Gakharia a prime minister and he is doing so. This is a worrisome situation, because we can see that there is practically no free will in this country… There are no reasonable explanations to Gakharia’s nomination for a prime ministerial role… Bidzina Ivanishvili insulted the dignity of each and every one of us and he will get an answer for that.”

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