President Zurabishvili Calls for De-escalation

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili commented on the recent developments in the country and called on all forces for “de-escalation” of the situation.

Speaking at a news briefing on July 9, President Zurabishvili noted that “we should not allow certain forces to discredit Georgia abroad and to trigger destabilization inside the country through provocations.”

She called on those forces, who “cause harm to Georgian citizens with their irresponsible actions or statements under the banner of patriotism” to achieve their goals through peaceful elections.

The Georgian President also reached out to the Russian leadership, calling on it not to get involved in escalation.

“It will be paradoxical if a neighboring country responds to provocations staged by, as it refers to, “radical forces,” thus promoting their destructive goals. Let me emphasize that our peace policy is the only way to maintain stability in the country and in the region,” Zurabishvili said.

She also addressed Georgian citizens living in Russia, saying that the Georgian government is trying its best to ensure that they have a peaceful and stable life.

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