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PM Bakhtadze Says Presidential Election ‘Victory for Democracy’


The presidential election was held in a competitive and free environment, “which is yet another victory for Georgian democracy,” Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said in his press briefing on November 30.

Bakhtadze began his statement by congratulating Salome Zurabishvili on her “convincing” victory. He also thanked voters for their “high civic responsibility,” observers for their extensive monitoring efforts and the police for their “exemplary service.”

The PM then stressed the Georgian Dream governments “have established a tradition of transparent, free and democratic elections.” “We hold this achievement very dear.”

“Although some occasional incidents and provocations did take place, they have not influenced the [overall] election results and this been confirmed by unequivocally positive assessments of local and international observation missions,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the authorities will take into account their recommendations.

Bakhtadze also noted, apparently in reference to the opposition candidate’s refusal to accept the election results, that “no one will be able to cast a shadow over the choice of the people. “Attempts to question the election results are destined to fail,” he said.

“Of course everyone enjoys freedom of expression, but at the same time, if anyone attempts to destabilize the situation, these attempts will be addressed with legal means … we will not allow revolutionary and revanchist scenarios,” he added. “Nearly two million voters have participated in the elections … and everyone should respect the choice of the people.”

Bakhtadze then stressed the country has to “return to normal rhythm of life.” “A lot needs to be done, a lot of challenges need to be addressed… our goal is to push the country forward and make our development irreversible,” the Prime Minister underlined.

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