Margvelashvili on Ukraine Violence: ‘No Govt Can Get Away with Use of Arms Against Own People’

Commenting on recent deadly clashes in Kiev, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili said on February 20 that “use of arms against own people does not speak well of any government and not a single government has managed to get away with it.”

“We hope that there still is a chance to resume a dialogue in Ukraine if there is a very clear political – not violent – but political, bold step on the part of President Yanukovych and if he shows political will to stop bloodshed; I stress – political will and not any kind of violent action,” Margvelashvili told journalists late on Thursday evening; he also said he’s “shocked” by violent clashes in Kiev.

“I hope that in the wake of calls from the world leaders the Ukrainian leader will take a political step and help his country to avoid a very painful confrontation,” he added.

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