Georgia Has Four New ‘Power’ Ministers

On 19:00 pm November 21, the Georgian Parliament approved candidatures of four new ‘power’ ministers. The Parliament unanimously voted for Defense Minister David Tevzadze, State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania, Justice Minister Roland Giligashvili, and Internal Affairs Minister Koba Narchemashvili.

These are the results of the voting:

Defense Minister David Tevzadze
For – 200
Against – 3

State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania
For – 208
Against – 1

Justice Minister Roland Giligashvili
For – 204
Against – 1

Internal Affairs Minister Koba Narchemashvili
For – 208
Against – 1

210 MPs were present at the voting. Such a high presence of MPs is not very often at the Parliament.

In result of voting on November 21, David Tevzadze and Roland Giligashvili returned to their posts. Valeri Khaburdzania was the Parliamentary Secretary of the President before the appointment. Koba Narchemashvili’s previous position was the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Parliament continues discussions of the candidatures to the new government. However, it is less likely that other nominees will have such strong support in the Parliament. Some of them might not be appointed at all.


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