Saakashvili Dissociates From Shevardnadze’s Corrupted Government

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba; The Alia

The Citizens’ Union of Georgia intends to dissent from Shevardnadze and initiate political confrontation”, the Resonance states. Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili wanted to make a loud statement about his resignation from the position occupied at the government session yesterday. This was exactly why President Shevardnadze postponed the session, the newspaper assumes. Saakashvili had to make a statement in his cabinet saying he does not wish to stay in the government which is unable to improve the conditions in the country: “I suppose I should resign because it is impossible to do anything in the conditions of present regime when everybody’s corrupted and no one desires to make real steps”, he stated. Author of the article is positive that Shevardnadze will sign the document of resignation emotionlessly.

The former minister decided to run for MP in Vake district, Tbilisi elections, and return to the Parliament in case of success. “Saakashvili is thought to win the elections although efforts of all corrupted ministers and their clans as well as the law enforcers will probably be directed against him”, the Resonance states. The newspaper’s position is clear: the corrupted officials are against Saakashvili and will do everything to prevent him from returning in the legislative branch (Saakashvili used to be a MP before becoming the minister a year ago). The Dilis Gazeti shares the position and claims that distinct powers will work on fiasco of Saakashvili’s candidature.

“As to his future, even the most pessimists suppose that Saakashvili has a big potential in politics…” the Resonance says; “he will oppose Shevardnadze’s government, which is drown in the illness of corruption”.

“I left because I could not see any other way out of the existing government. My behavior did not mean that I was scared. Ahead there is a decisive battle for forming a normal civilized country”, Saakashvili told the Dilis Gazeti. He can use his very high private rating in order to reach his target. He is supported by heads of several different parliamentary committees, his team in the Parliament and non-governmental sector, which is a big power actually.

The Akhali Taoba has negative attitude towards Mikheil Saakashvili as usual. According to the newspaper, it was the President’s initiative, not Saakashvili’s, that the Minister resigned. The West and Russia have invested large financial capital in Saakashvili and they rely on him, the newspaper states and assumes that that was why Shevardnadze started to dislike him.

The Alia has published opinions of different MPs concerning Saakashvili’s resignation. According to the comments one can clearly determine who supports the ex-minister. “It is because of Mikheil and people resembling him the international policy supports out country”, Elene Tevdoradze, head of the Human Rights Defense Committee, said. Koba Davitashvili, having just left the CUG, regards the step made by Saakashvili the beginning of real confrontation. Member of the faction Industrialists Zurab Tkhemaladze is sad about him leaving the post. Leader of the faction Traditionalist Akaki Asatiani talks about Saakashvili’s huge role in current Georgian politics.


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