CEC Summarizes Proportional, Majoritarian MP Election Results

The Central Election Commission (CEC) summarized on Sunday the proportional part of the October 8 parliamentary elections as well as the results of the first rounds of majoritarian MP elections, according to which three political parties will enter the new Parliament.

According to final results, with 48.68% of votes GDDG ruling party will have 44 seats under the proportional representation; UNM party, which garnered 27.11% of votes, will have 27 seats and an election bloc led by Alliance of Patriots, which garnered 5.01% of votes, will have 6 seats.

77 seats out of total 150 are allocated proportionally under the party-list contest among political parties and election blocs, which clear 5% threshold. 73 lawmakers are elected in 73 majoritarian, single-mandate constituencies.
On top of 44 seats, which the ruling party took in the Parliament under the proportional representation, its candidates have won outright in majoritarian MP races in 23 single-mandate constituencies, where GD candidates cleared 50% threshold in the first rounds. 

Second rounds are set for October 30 to reveal the remaining 50 majoritarian MPs, including in Zugdidi and Marneuli single-mandate constituencies, where repeat elections on October 22 failed to reveal the winners.

A candidate, who garners more votes, will win in the second round runoff. 

Irakli Alasania, leader of the Free Democrats opposition party, and Georgia’s ex-first lady Sandra Roelofs announced about withdrawal from the second round contests for majoritarian MP seats in Gori and Zugdidi single-mandate constituencies, respectively. But their names will still remain on ballot papers during the second rounds along with GDDG’s candidates.

GDDG’s candidates are in the second round runoffs for majoritarian MP seats in 49 single-mandate-constituencies; in one constituency – Tbilisi’s Mtatsminda district, where the second round will also be held, GDDG had no its candidate; instead the party backed there independent candidate Salome Zourabichvili, who will face UNM’s Nika Rurua in the second round.

In 44 districts, where second rounds are expected, GDDG’s candidates face contenders from UNM party – according to the results of the first round, GDDG candidates are leading in all but Marneuli and Akhaltsikhe/Adigeni districts, where UNM candidates have better results; in two districts – Mtskheta and Lanchkhuti/Chokhatauri – GDDG will compete with independent candidates; in Chiatura district, candidates of GDDG and Free Democrats will face each other; in Khashuri district, GDDG candidate will face a representative from election bloc Industrialists-Our Homeland.

The October 30 second rounds will determine final composition of the new Parliament, where the ruling party already has 67 seats – 9 short of majority (76 seats) and 46 short of three-fourths super-majority in the 150-member Parliament – 113 seats are required to pass constitutional amendments.


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